Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blood Legacy review by Dee

Blood Legacy by Vanessa Redmoon

The Vampyrs have seized control of what’s left of Earth. We humans live short and worthless lives fulfilling one of three roles, serving our Vampyr betters: Laborer, Administrative, or Donor. I chose a fourth role. A spy for the Resistance.

That’s how I wound up working for Victor Bressov, heir apparent to one of the oldest, most powerful Vampyr families. As his personal Administrative, I can feed the Resistance valuable information on the Vampyrs’ plans. But Victor–cold, calculating, cruel–has other roles in mind for me. It’s not just the taste of human blood that drives him. It’s spilling it. Through pain, through pleasure, though I’m having a hard time these days finding the difference between the two.

He says my pain can give us both unimaginable power. Power he can use to control the Republic, or that I can use to save humankind. When he ties me to his desk, whip trailing along the marble floor, I tell myself I’m enduring this for the Resistance. I’m doing it so one day, others can live freer than me.

Problem is, I’ve never felt so free.

Dee's Review

So I have to admit one thing about this novella. At first, I was confused. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. Vampires ruling and people being slaves, was almost too much. Then you have the rebellion and donors and administrators. I couldn't get the politics of it. But as the story went on, my mind stopped focusing on that and it was much easier to get.  Not to mention her relationship with the prince gets more involved..much more steamy. By that time I was addicted. But how does this girlfriend bitch come into play? Is he using her? What's an agonie- look that up. write that down. And holy hell that sex was hot. So much going on and by the end I felt like I had more questions than I did answers. And of course you know what that means... TBC.... Gah!! Every time I get sucked in dang it. But I'm on the edge of my seat over here biting my nails wondering what is going to happen next. Is this partnership thing going to work? I hope so.. this is interesting! I give this book 3.5 hearts

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