Sunday, September 1, 2013

Irresistible Desire (The Savannah Series #1) by Danielle Jamie Review

                  Irresistible Desire



Savannah has been dating her boyfriend Logan for four 

years. She thought he was the man she was going to marry, 

spend the rest of her life with and one day build a family 

with. The life she imagined for Logan and her all changes in 

matter of seconds. Her entire life came crashing down all 

around her after she catches Logan in bed with another

 woman.Savannah decides to leave Los Angeles and stay at 

her family's beach house in Galveston, Texas. She never 

imagined a man she only met once before, would come back 

into her life and be the one to mend her broken 

heart. Kayden blows into her life faster than a tornado in 

Spring. After a wild weekend together, both of their lives will 

be changed forever.

About Author:

I am a mother of three amazing children Madison, Bailey & 

Finn. I run a boutique "Bailey Booper's Boutique" my items 

have been on MTV Teen Mom 2! I just finished writing my 

Fist Book! I love reading & writing, and just finally decided it 

was time to sit down write a book

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Ricky's Review:

Okay this book is seriously better then I thought it would be.Savannah is a little hottie that seems to have her life together. She has her career, a job at a magazine as assistant editor, and a good man by her side. Logan is her man and got his shit together and it seems that this is going to be a good little love story. I actually liked Logan to start with. Seemed like a good guy. Loved his woman. But you know how this goes..not going to give you a spoiler. But wait there is Kayden, the hotter then hot play boy from Texas, that has a interview with Savannah's boss. She see's him and the spark is there. Brooklyn is Savannah best friend, and they have been together for years. Who knows you best then your friends. Savannah parents are county duo hottest stars so you know she hasn't had a rough life.Okay so that little introduction to the people you will meet. Now to the business. So you been with someone for a while you have deep feelings for that person. You know where you want the relationship to go. But then a curve ball gets thrown at you, and you are not sure what the hell happened. Your world gets turned upside down. Where do you go from here. You go out have fun and try to clear your head.That's exactly what Savannah does. She has hot steamy fun. I'm not going to spoil anything but Omfg I wish that it was me having all that naughty fun. Then what's the best way to get back at someone get caught in a comprising position. The author did good job writing this book keep me interested the whole time. Even though she ended kinda on a cliff hanger. I'm looking forward to book two already. I give this book 4 hearts cause of hot steamy got me in the mood for some hot dirty sex

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