Friday, March 22, 2013


I Sandie of Book Boyfriend Reviews will be taking Spring Break off so I can go do this.....

and this.....
so that I can act like this.......

then I can make bad decisions and be told....

Though sometimes I like thinking with my vagina....*sigh* fine fine is what I will really be doing on Spring Break.
Leaving here ^and will end up there 
no its not Forks. I am not trying to look for Edward. (though that is tempting)...I am going on a cross country trip and hopefully I will get a lot of reading done. My TBR is super full and I really have books I want to read. 
Now you may be asking well WTF whats going to happen with the blog? Have no fear my fellow peeps I have friends that have agreed to help me out and a few guests will be stopping by. I will check in once and a while on FB or Twitter. With that said, I am going to miss you all but I am excited to go visit my friends on the East Coast!!! 

Remember to enter to win the giveaway for Walking Disaster 2 people will win an e-copy so make sure you enter!!!

I will see you all in a week...I officially go on vacation on Saturday night!! Have a great week peeps

SANDIE ~ Book Boyfriend Reviews

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