Saturday, January 26, 2013


YAY!! Oh my peeps we made it through 13 days. I was sick this last week but, I had to put that aside and make sure all of you got what you deserved and that was for me to bring you these awesome authors and their books.
If any of you winners never received an email from me I do apologize as I am trying to catch up on emails. If you can please email me at Bookboyfriendreviews(at)gmail(dot)com. There are a few I have sent emails to and awaiting your response. I don't want anyone not to receive their winnings. You all deserve your e-book!

Alright now for the new winners of yesterdays giveaway. I featured Izzy Cullen and she was gracious enough to let me giveaway 2 e-books of What You Do To Me.

The winners are Sarah Handrich and Kristie Hicks! CONGRATS


Ready for it..................
Almost there....................

So annoying right?

Congrats to 
 Dawn Kephart Bush

I am so excited for you Dawn 6 paperback copies of

Rachel A. Olsen------The Seventh Layer
Gena D. Lutz---------Ember's Curse
Kimberly Knight-----Where I Need to Be
Tonya Kappes--------Strung Out to Die
Killian McRae--------Pure & Sinful and A Love By Any Measure

I am so jelly LOL!
Thank you all for participating. I have enjoyed this immensely!
Sandie~~ BBRs

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