Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review for Slow Jam and Little Drummer Boy

By Deliza Rafferty

Slow Jam (Vol. 2 The Savannah Rossi Chronicles)

WHOA! That's what popped into my head as I read this. This short but to the point little treasure features a hot female, Savannah Rossi lead singer of Death by Red, who knows how to get what she wants, and goes after it.

In this Chronicle, Savannah has one of the biggest shows of her career. Her regular bassist and best friend Leif is about to have surgery, the band brings in a guest bassist to help out.

Logan is a HOT sexy southern gentleman *cough, cough, wink, wink* who catches Savannah's attention. From the moment they see one another you can just feel the sexual tension rolling my kindle.

"As her hand was engulfed in his much larger ones, Savannah felt a rush course through her, accompanied by goose bumps. She could feel his calloused tips of his long fingers resting against the delicate skin of her wrist and a very dirty thought in relation to those fingers flashed in her mind." 

Imagine if you will with writing like this how much better it gets, and believe me it gets better. My kindle got all steamed up, that's how good it got! These chronicles are short reads but they pack enough punch to make you feel satisfied. Logan was a true gentleman, but showed a completely different side in the bedroom. Want to know why? well you will need to pick up this little morsel yourself to find out.

Little Drummer Boy (Vol. 3 The Savannah Rossi Chronicles)

*wiping off kindle screen* THAT. WAS. WOW!
I always knew Christmas was my favorite time of the year and apparently for Savannah Rossi as well! In this installment we find Savannah on Christmas Eve at a local jazz club, where she is sitting in with a friend's band. We meet Jesse a drummer with the band she is performing with. Although in the past they have flirted with one another it has never gone further. That night these two have eyes only for each other.

"letting her eyes travel down the length of him to his crotch, which was easily within her reach if only they were some place private"

While I was a bit upset that Logan was no longer in the picture because I seriously liked him (in the bedroom). I was happy that Deliza Rafferty stayed true to who Savvy (as she's called by friends) is. I can respect a woman who is secure, successful, and enjoys sex. She makes no apologies, that makes me like this character. She is who she is and although I thought she would settle, I like living vicariously through Savannah Rossi. I can not wait to read the next story. Although, I want to see Savannah settled down I am rather enjoying all the tasty men she is sampling.

If you enjoy erotic novels then you should definitely pick these up. Deliza's writing makes me feel like bursting and I'm just a spectator. It's hot and even better right to the point. Sometimes a quickie is exactly what you need *wink*.

                                              I rated these two books:

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  1. Hooray! So glad you enjoyed them. Thanks so much for taking the time to review them.

    ~Deliza ♥

  2. Oh...and here's where folks can get them, in any format needed. →

  3. Slow Jam sounds amazing! I added it to my list to read! Thanks for sharing :)