Monday, December 31, 2012

First Review for my blog....

Kimberly Knight's

Ok where do I start?
The beginning right...Spencer and Ryan are two woman after my own heart. Two best friends and roommates that have each others backs, They will not allow one another to immerse themselves in depression.When these two ladies get their hearts broken what do they do? instead of wallowing and boo-hooing everywhere they grab their big girl panties and head to VEGAS! (See woman after my own heart).
In the airport Spencer sees the guy she has been ogling over at the gym. Once in Vegas Spence and Ryan go to a night club where Mr. Yummy is present. Spence and Mr. Yummy dance and lets just say this scene is HOOOTTT!! Definitely on my top 5 scenes in a book.
Upon returning from Vegas Spencer learns Mr. Yummys name Brandon. They go out on a few dates and WOWZERS my panties needed to be changed a few times reading this book.
This book has everything I look for. A strong female character who knows what she wants. An amazing best friend who will kill for her friend. A scrumptious lead male who knows how to treat a lady as well as please her, and a great group of friends who make you feel you want to jump in and just live with these characters.
Not everything is perfect and lets just say Mrs. Knight did a great job in throwing in a twist I did not see coming. There was even a point where I wanted to just read the ending because I was so worked up. (I didn't) when a book can make me almost do that, then you have to understand its really a great book. So well played Mrs. Knight, well played!!
I am excited for the next book and hope Kimberly Knight hurrys writing it because I can't wait to see what happens to the characters and where they end up.
Brandon Montgomery has definitely become one of my Book Boyfriends. Will he make your list?

                                                     I rated this book:  
5/5 hearts

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