Monday, December 31, 2012

Fight with me by Kristen Proby

is now live on Amazon *happy dance* I was given an ARC and let me just say this....NATE MCKENNA is so worthy of being my book boyfriend!!

Jules Montgomery has worked hard for her success, she has an incredible work ethic and is rising star in her company. She is attracted to and has oopsie had a one night stand with her boss Nate (which by the way, was the best sex of their lives) a few months earlier. The company they work for has a no fraternizing policy in place which prevents them from have a relationship even if they want to. After months and months of avoiding Nate and trying to maintain a civil work relationship, Nate decides enough is enough he wants her fraternizing policy be damned. They begin their relationship when Nate asks her to stay the weekend with him...Hot steamy sex ensues, and Whoa best sex scenes.
Jules is everything I love about a great lead woman. She is successful, beautiful, not whiny or bitchy and loves her best friend Natalie, and her family...She has 4 hot brothers!!
Nate McKenna is a wealthy, suit wearing successful business man. Jules is the object of his affection (can I just say I really want to be Jules!). I loved Nate not only for his demeanor, hot strong alpha male, but because he truly cares for Jules and he continually shows her. He romances her, listens to her, is there for her, and will do anything possible to keep her. He exudes the right amount of sexy hotness, sensitivity and strong domineering qualities that made me squirm.
I have heard people say that there is a lot of sex in books but, for me the more the better. If an author can convey those sex scenes in a way that they can make me visualize and still tell a strong story about those characters they have done their job. Kristen Proby has done just that plus, sex is not the entire book the characters develop and grow as does the relationship. Of course not everything is peaches and cream and there is drama, that is what makes me keep swiping my finger from one page to another. This book is no exception, Jules and Nate must find a way to be together without jeopardizing their careers.
I enjoyed the story of Jules and Nate and can not wait to read the next book in the series. Which is about one of Jules' brothers (I'm already melting). Happy reading.

                                         I rated this book:
5/5 hearts

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