Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review Target 84 by K. Larsen

I hide in plain sight.I am a pretty face with a killer body. Literally. I kill whatever the job calls for. Women, men, I know no bounds. Why would I? I've been groomed to do this since I was a child. 

Who I am? 

I am a monster living among angels. After all this is over, I will redeem my actions. I will walk among those angels, fallen down on red stained leaden wings torn apart.

Who he is?

That's a secret you'll have to discover.

This is the final installment of the Bloodlines Series.

***Can be read as a stand alone.*** 


I have been lucky enough to read every one of these books in this series. Every book has been better than the last. Did this one live up to expectation! 
I have no idea how K. Larsen does this but it works and it works well. Since the first book I have been invested in these characters and their lives. The second book threw me for a loop because it wasn't what I was expecting, the 3rd book OMFG! That 3rd book was off the chain. Now though now, I can't even put into words how spectacular this book is. 
It basically has everything a great book should have. Interesting characters, suspense, angst, love, friends, killing, drama.

When I first met Greta in the other book, I was instantly intrigued. I just knew she had secrets, did I expect them to be what they were? 

Greta oh GRETA! This chick is seriously bad ass. I would defo want her as a friend AND not my enemy. She literally has the worst backstory of any character I have read thus far, which explains why she was so mysterious in the other book. Still, this chick is ah-may-zing. Loved the way this book told her story.

Bentley, OMG Bentley. When I first met him I was like awww ok as his story with Pepper went on I was like
Then he didn't get the girl!?!!!
Yeah so I have been waiting for Bentley's redemption and oh hell did I EVER get it! This guy just knows how to be a man. I was happy for him FINALLY!

K. Larsen has come out of nowhere and literally swept me away with this series. Each book better than the last. I didn't expect book 2 to be the way it was, Book 3 had me melting and this book all shit anytime I tried to guess what would come next...
The author would bitch slap me and shizz would NOT be what I thought. Blindsided? yeah I was and I loved it. I loved that this book had me on the edge of my seat. Had me feeling emotions that I can't put into words. Slowly this all came together. Every character, every storyline, they were all weaved together and brought forth by this author that I feel is not recognized enough. Sure we have many writers, but writers that can spin tales such as these and do it so perfectly without you even knowing what is next that is talent. I am glad I read these books. Sad that it has ended but OH MY WHAT AN ENDING! 

K. Larsen has proved over and over that she knows how to keep me entertained. This series is one that needs to be experienced. Yes, she says they can be read as stand alones, but I truly feel that reading the whole series will give you better insight to each character. 

I have been greedy with my 5 stars because I feel that they should only go to books that are worthy of that. This book is worthy!!!

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