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Confess by Colleen Hoover Blog Tour + Giveaway


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, a new novel about risking everything for love—and finding your heart somewhere between the truth and lies.

Auburn Reed has her entire life mapped out. Her goals are in sight and there’s no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.

For once, Auburn takes a risk and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is keeping some major secrets from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.

The last thing Owen wants is to lose Auburn, but he can’t seem to convince her that truth is sometimes as subjective as art. All he would have to do to save their relationship is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin…

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320 pages

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Do you have a secret you would like to confess?

This book....THIS BOOK!

I have tried for several days to put into perspective how this book has made me feel. I have been in a horrible reading slump. Nothing sounded good. Everything I picked up I put down. I wasn't feeling it, then this book. I admit I got the ARC a while ago but because I wasn't feeling anything I wasn't sure if Colleen could do her magic.

Did she do her magic? Did she weave a tale so compelling that it brought me back into the book light?

YES! The answer is yes, yes, yes oh hell yes!

Going in I had no idea what to expect. All I know is that Colleen has a way with words and if I'm not careful I will get swept up into emotions so pure that I cry. 

From the jump its emotional. Its raw. It makes me hate how life can be so unfair. 

Auburn is a sweet girl who has gotten a crap turn at life. 
Owen is a great guy who also had a crap turn at life but now paints. What does he paint? Peoples confessions. 

People leave confessions in a slot in his door, he chooses a confession and paints it. I was astounded by the confessions. These are real confessions, while some of them were cute there were some that made me sad. 

Auburn meets Owen one day by chance, they just so happen to have the same middle name. Was it chance or fate? 

They have a connection, it made me giddy. Even though I had only known Owen for a few pages I loved him instantly. The way Colleen wrote this character is so unlike any other. Magnetism, charisma, charm I don't know what it is but I was drawn in. 

Auburn, this girl had me at times wishing I could slap her BUT I get why she was doing what she was doing. I hated it like really hated it. Oh and then there was this one scene that I had to calm down because I really wanted to hurt someone. Funny how fictional characters can get you so pissed you're on the verge of killing someone! well expect that.

What else can expect, you ask me? The usual stuff that you love from Colleen. You know the stuff that makes us love, then hate, then love her again. The stuff that breaks your heart, then mends it, then she laughs and say kidding, then breaks it again for good measure before deciding okay fine I will stop playing with your emotions. Then slowly she puts the needle through your broken heart and mends it back together very slowly because she can be cruel like that. Expect that and a lot of oh I see where you are going you trickster, then Colleen laughs diabolically and says really then throws you a curve ball. One you had no idea was coming, one so big that you look around the room in awe and shock because you can't believe she did that. 

This book was a great read. I don't know Colleen's recipes for her books but her mad genius shines through. She had me thinking the book was going a certain way then it ended up being nothing like I expected. The only thing I was sad about was the relationship between Owen and Auburn, I wanted more. I wanted more days and hours with them. I was satisfied beyond what I hoped. 

Thank you Colleen for once again coming through and pulling me out of that slump.

Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Maybe Someday, Finding Cinderella, and Ugly Love. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys. Please visit

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