Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bar Bites: A Man of the Month Cookbook....Sandie's post

I have a really fun blog post for today!!!

On May 15th J. Kenner released:

Bar Bites: A Man of the Month Cookbook

In this book, you get a story and recipes. How fun is that? I was contacted by her publicist and asked if I would make one of the recipes in the book. Since I like to cook and drink 
I figure this would be a great way to help promote the book and learn to make a quick easy snack for my guests (mainly my BFF and sis in law when they come over to drink).
About the book:

Before Austin’s hotspot The Fix on Sixth became known for its sexy and fun Man of the Month calendar contest, the fictional downtown bar had already developed a reputation for fabulous drinks and mouthwatering bar bites—exactly the kind of venue to take a date and strike up a romance. Now it’s your chance to see exactly what’s on the menu … and to get a peek at the private lives of the men and women who not only work at The Fix, but who’ve made it the place to be in Austin, Texas.

Join Man of the Month creator, New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner and USA Today bestselling Southern food expert Suzanne Johnson as they guide you through the favorite bar bite and drink recipes served at The Fix on Sixth. Learn how to make the delicious bar bites that Tyree’s bar has become famous for. Whip up your favorite cocktail with the same flare as Cameron or Eric. And don’t forget to spend some time learning a little bit more about the private lives of your favorite characters in all new snippets and short stories!

Most of all, come share a drink, a bite, and a laugh with us! We’re so glad you’re here.

So pull up a chair, raise a glass, and dig in with your favorite Man of the Month characters, and meet a few new ones, too!


Sounds pretty good right? I thought so too.

I decided to make the Veggiedillas with Avocado Dipping Sauce
The recipe was easy to follow and didn't require much prep time. I really wanted to make a video because honestly, I feel that anyone can make this and like I said very little prep time but alas, school took priority because it is finals week and I've been studying for the past 2 weeks. It's worth it since I graduate on Friday!! YAY 

Anywho's I always get off track 

My process in pics...
I gathered my ingredients, and well this isn't all of them I forgot like IDK 5 items because sometimes my brain goes 5 million miles an hour and I forget to put everything in the pic.

oooohhhh look the butter in a hot pan is melting...
That is what the last pic reminds me of.

After the butter melted I added in the veggies that will go in the middle of the quisadilla...rather veggiedilla. Looks good right? 

I cooked all that up for a grand total of about 13 mins. 8 mins I sauteed the veggies. I added taco seasoning for flavor then grabbed a large tortilla from this package...
put it on a hot skillet, filled half the tortilla with the veggies and added cheese (Mexican blend, already shredded). While that was cooking I made the avocado dip. Now many of you know that I am deathly allergic to avocado's so you're probs wondering "Sandie why would you make that?" I live through everyone else so I make guac and avocado dip and make the hubby, kids and friends eat it so I can see how much they enjoy it and it brings me joy.
Okay, so back to the recipe... in the blender, I added the avocados, yogurt, lime, minced garlic, and salt.
Easy peasy leamon squeezy! It's delish (okay well my family said the avocado dip is really good since I can't try it) but I know that the veggiedilla is 
and easy to make. Alright well, I escaped for about 45 mins to make the food and this post but now duty calls and sadly I must return to studying so I can pass my finals. Be sure to check out J. Kenner's latest cookbook/book to get the full recipe. Trust me you need this!!!
Until next time.

Where to purchase the book:

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