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Heathens by Amanda Richardson Release Blitz Review by Sandie

HEATHENS (Heathens Duet #1) by Amanda Richardson
Genre: Stand-alone Dark Romance
Cover Design by Amanda Richardson
Release Date: September 14, 2017
Paris is home to runaways and lost souls, romantics and artists. A lover’s paradise. For Lilith Damewood, Paris is tainted, tarnished, corroded. Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories, she channels her vitriol into her photography.   Salem Tempest is a seminary student entrusted with the souls of Notre Dame de Paris—even the dark ones. When an unlikely friendship forms between the two of them, and a revelation shakes them both to their core, Lily and Salem find themselves connected in powerful and unexpected ways.   Lily risks his ruin—and her own.   After all, even holy men can fall. And salvation may be closer than they realize.   HEATHENS is a dark romance that connects five souls in a web of choice, sin, revenge, and redemption. It may be considered blasphemous to some. It is intended for mature readers.   HEATHENS is book 1 in the HEATHENS duet. BELIEVERS, book 2, will be releasing early 2018. Both books can be read as a standalone.


I am the most random person.
When I choose to do a blog tour or read a book by an author I have never read it's usually because I see teasers. 
That is what happened here I saw teasers for Heathens and I wanted to know more. 
I loved the teasers, a good teaser that can catch my attention usually is a good sign. 
I was drawn to these teasers.
I was drawn to the words.
I needed to read more.
Damn, I am glad I did.

Now when I get books I don't always look at the synopsis.
I don't know. 
I think sometimes I like to go in completely blind.
I don't read reviews hardly ever.
I don't too often care for others opinions of the book.
After I have read said book I might look at a few but I never let them sway me.

What was I expecting from Heathens?
A dark Romance? Yes, because that is what it says it is.
Was it dark? Ummmmm...
This is not light but it's not too dark either. 
I've read some really dark fucked up shit so this wasn't too bad.

As per usual, I don't like to give too much away.
What I will say is that Amanda Richardson has a way with words.
A way in which made me feel.
Made me want to jump into the story and protect these characters.
Oh, and man did I love Salem. 
Now, this is where I was like yo Sandie, where are your morals?
Dude is studying to become a priest.
I shouldn't think of him the way I was.
I should respect the collar.
LORT, I am going to hell.
But he was HAWT. 
I blame Amanda for this.
She had to write a character who is studying to be a priest, but he's 
Now let me say a few things about Lily because I could go on and on about Salem.
Lily for me was a good balance.
I could see how messed up she was.
But, I could also see her determination.
Never once did she give up looking for her friend Evelyn, who was kidnapped!
I know, right.
Lily and Evelyn were both kidnapped at one point.
Lily got away and now she is looking for her friend.
I was like...
And that is all I will say about that, oh other than Salem is helping Lily.
So you see it's all kinds of taboo and what not but damn the story was so good.
What I can say is this, the beginning was a tad slow.
I think the reason was because the author was building the suspense.
I was confused a bit but then it got to a certain point and I was like...
Overall, I enjoyed the book.
I liked the characters.
The author did a great job in keeping my interest.
This was my first read by this author but it will not be my last.


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Amanda Richardson is an award-winning travel writer turned indie author living in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats. When she's not writing or reading (which, let's be honest, accounts for 95% of her free time), she can be found Googling cheap flights to places she's never been, talking to her cats, or obsessing over the British Royal Family. Fun fact: her first novel is about the Tudors. One day maybe, after a lot of wine, she might find the courage within her to publish it! Find out more here:  

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