Monday, September 2, 2013

Out of Breath Guest Review by Drea

Out of Breath 
by Rebecca Donovan
Emma Thomas is hiding. From everything and everyone… including herself. But she can’t hide forever. Her past will find her, and her secrets won’t remain quiet—not if she wants to be forgiven. Emma learns that honesty can hurt worse than betrayal, and the truth may cost her the only love she’s ever known.

The highly anticipated conclusion of The Breathing Series will have readers holding their breath until the last page.

Drea's Review: 
We all have that one series we've waited painstakingly patient for the final book to be released.

For me its been Rebecca Donovan's Breathing Series. In Reason to Breathe Donovan introduces us to Emma, a HS junior who's had a hell of a life. We meet Evan, who in my opinion is one of the greatest BBFs ever penned. You cant help but fall in love with them, feel their anguish & their ultimate relief. 
Lastly there's Sara, the girl everyone wishes was their best friend as she was Emma's. 

Then there was Barely Breathing. As a reader you're taken deeper into Emma's story as she completes her senior year of HS. As her relationship with Evan grows so will your desire for them to make it through. Donovan introduces you to Jonathan. You'll want to root for him, cry for him and beat the ever living piss out of him by the end of this chapter of Emma's life. You're heart will break. 

You'll be left slamming the book down screaming WHY REBECCA WHY?! But I promise, Donovan thoroughly delivers in the long awaited final installment. Out of breath picks up at the beginning of Emma & Evan's sophomore year in college. Donovan gives you everything you hope for and some things you didn't want to see happen. There's growth, redemption, compassion, acceptance, understanding. As a reader you'll be keep going long after your eyes have grown heavy because you NEED to know what will happen with Emma & Evan. 

Once you read that final page you'll be pleased with the journey Donovan took you on.  I give this book 4.5 hearts. The missing .5 because I just wanted more story. Rebecca wrapped it up beautifully but the end came before I was ready for it.

 Out of breath can be purchased on Amazon  and Rebecca's website

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