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June Wrap up #2

Today I will be doing my June Wrap up part deux. Why I decided to do this in sections is so I wouldn't have to make one huge long blog post. With all of that being said here are my Michelle A. Valentine reviews for this month. I read two of her books in the month of June.

Again I will post my collage of all books read as well as links to reviews all ready done.

Lets begin with the first of the two books of hers I read which was Wicked Love.

This is the 3rd book in the Wicked White series. Every book can be read as a standalone so it's if you have not read the first two but if you're like me then more than likely you will want to.

I really liked this book. I have found that with each of these books in the series they seem to get better and better. The writing and characters seem to get more interesting and grow in different ways. 
Avery Jenson, a college student tries to fit in with her sorority but when her father loses all their money and her mom leaves them she quickly learns who her true friends really are. When she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her things go awry and she meets a tattooed hottie. Her father lets her know that he can not afford her college tuition or their house so they will be moving back to his small hometown with his mom. Both of them will be getting a fresh start.

Little does Avery know is that she will run back into the tattooed hottie. Tyler has lived in this town all his life. He made a promise to his father to never give up on his musical aspirations and get out of the town. Avery and Tyler become fast friends and he lets her know that he is interested in her but he made a promise to his dad that he intends to keep. But as their feelings grow Tyler begins to second guess his decision until one fateful night when things go terribly wrong, now the time that Avery needs Tyler the most he disappears. 

Three years later Tyler is a part of the hottest band on the planet Wicked White. When the lead singer goes missing he decides it's time to go back home and see what happened to those he left behind. 

Oh man when he gets there he gets a rude awakening and I can't go too much into it because WHOA! I really enjoyed the characters and the timeline and how it matches the other two books. There is a lot that Tyler missed out on and has to earn trust once again, but overall I think this one was my favorite in this series. I loved Tyler and while I was upset that he left Avery especially after everything that happens, I was glad to see him man up. Avery's character....she annoyed me towards the end but being in her shoes I understood why she was and acted the way she did when Tyler shows back up into town. But I still loved her if that makes sense. Overall I enjoyed this book.
Where to buy this book:

Next book I read was another Michelle A Valentine book/novella/serial?? LOL I don't know how to categorize it, anyways it was...

This is the final installment in this serial. Okay so if you have not read this series I HIGHLY suggest it. I love me some Alexander King. I can not get enough of him and Margo. I love their relationship even if it started out welllll....fake. Oh and Yamada that guy just cracks me up. I couldn't wait for this last installment and I was not at all disappointed. To see King be so...normal and caring was the best. 

I wish for sure that this whole series was longer but none the less I loved every aspect and moment. I think that was the point, Michelle just got to the meat and potatoes. Believe me I ate all that shit up. They are quick reads but they pack a punch. Every one leaves you wanting more and I'm sad that it has ended. 

I don't want to go into much detail because it's the 3rd part so if your looking for something hot and quick this is definitely for you!

Where to buy this book:

EVERYTHING by Erin Noelle

UP IN FLAMES by Abbi Glines

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