Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Last Kiss by Susan Ward Blog Tour and Review


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 Linda is on a mission to find her father. Her journey to locate the gifted musician who abandoned her before she was born takes her through the steamy and drug fueled world of the LA music scene where she is rapidly climbing the ranks as a prime groupie sought after by the brilliant and talented men of rock music. Jackson Parker is a living music legend from the ‘60s. But hard living, the death of his wife, private tragedies, and a personal life in shambles sends him on a downward spiral into despair. On a lonely night on a Santa Barbara beach the last thing either expects is to find the one person they absolutely need to make their lives complete. Will Linda’s chance meeting with a drunken Jackson change both their lives forever? Together these two broken and desperate souls collide in a passionate affair that is impossible for either of them resist. Together they each find the solace they need: a man searching for peace and a girl searching for closure. One thing is certain, their chance meeting has kicked off an affair without end…

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I've written 26 books in 25 years. I write contemporary romance novels about messed up rich girls with perfect looking lives & naughty little souls and the hot mercurial men they take captive...and on occasion messed up rich girls from exciting periods in US and British history, and the poor Lords and Pirates they hold under their spell.
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Shannon’s Review
This book started out crazy. A good crazy though. The further I got into this book I was so intrigued by Jackson Parker I needed his story.
Jackson is a sixties rock legend, yes I said sixties, who has endured enough drama for five people. He is broken but I believe he is fixable. Especially when Linda finds him on the beach passed out. Linda is another one that is truly broken in more ways than one. She has a dream of finding her dad and only dates rock stars to do so.
I liked the story of Linda trying to find her way. She is so misguided and young but is yet is old too. She has life experiences girls her age normally don’t have. Now the one thing that got me was the age. I had to think about this for a while. The more I thought about it if he is hot and that intelligent I would be okay with it. It’s almost like Johnny Depp. I would do him knowing his age. It really left me wanting more.
I am giving this book 4 hearts.

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