Monday, December 9, 2013

Goodbye Girl by Scarlett Metal, Review by Dee

Rachel met Clint in a diner one night while she was on the road trying to escape her past. From the moment they lay
their eyes on each other, sparks fly. He offers her a job on his ranch and even though she's a city girl, she accepts.

It's not long before they give into their attraction and settle into life together on the ranch. They find happiness in each other's arms and Clint quickly wonders if Rachel is the girl that can give him his happily ever after.

Rachel's past eventually comes back to haunt her, and threatens her happiness with Clint. Can they work through their demons of the past and find their happily ever after? Or will Rachel leave Clint just like she fled her life before?

This was a love story that kept me on my toes. It isn't your normal happy ever after, there is quite a lot of drama. It's got twists and turns your know are coming, yet you cringe when they do. When Rachel comes into town, you know she has a bad past that she is running from. You just don't know how bad, until she tells Ma the full story. Of course she had to find the hottest of hot men, and a beautiful family to stay with. She really hit the jackpot there. But thank god she finally has people in her corner. So when Seth comes back, because you know he will, you know it's a fight she won't be fighting it alone. And who knew such a city girl could love the country so much.  Then again, if you had your own Clint, wouldn't you? But it's not only just about them. You are left wondering about Wyatt and his player ways..and about the girl we meet at the end. We are left wondering about Erliza and Jackson. Sooo many questions left unanswered...well for everyone else in the family that is. The story of Clint and Rachel is one that has quite the happily ever after.

 I give this book 4 hearts

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