Friday, December 6, 2013

Believed by Brei Betzold Cover Reveal

Today we're revealing the cover to Brei Betzold's upcoming, Believed. Believed will be released in January 2014 and it's book 3 in her My Misery Muse Series.
Title: Believed (MMM #3)
Author: Brei Betzold
Release Date: January 2014
About Believed:
Once upon a time Jules believed in fairytales, prince charming, and happily ever afters. The past year had destroyed those illusions though. Being plunged into a life she never wanted or planned for has a way of removing the rose tinted glasses.

Sam always new life was nothing but a struggle, now watching his family fall apart he was taught once again, there is no such thing as a happy ever after. It’s best to stay away from entanglements, because all it ends in is pain for everyone.

Thrust together while facing a past they’d rather forget, and a future built on a deck of cards, can they find their happily ever after, after all?

About Brei:
Stay at home mom to one very interesting little boy. I have been writing since 7th grade when my English teacher turned me onto poetry and never stopped. Thank you Mrs. Williams. In high school I had yet another English teacher inspire me to start writing short stories where I found my first true love, turning words into something so simple yet complex that it can move other people to love it or hate it, but in the end to feel emotions about something I created.

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