I have decided to put all things Ollie in this little corner of my blog! 

I know I know I am crazy, What can I say?

Reasons that Ollie makes a great Book Boyfriend.....

1. He's a Rockstar check this out
Seeeeee skilled fingers Dayum that guy can play!!!

2. Lip Piercing and eyebrow piercing! hello how effing sexy is that?

Totally hot right??
3. He drives a motorcycle! If that's not hot then I seriously have no clue what to say to you!

Do you like the bike? I know the guy has it bad for me what can I say? I do that to people...

4. Look at him, don't get jealous and all that, but this is what he sent me on twitter....
I know what can I really tell you that I haven't already?? Why was he telling me to focus you ask? *averting eyes looking guilty and biting lip* ummm I was sorta in class at the time and so yeah, it really doesn't help when he sends me tweets like this, but I am not going to tell him to stop would you?

He is truly the most caring guy, and deserves for everyone to know who he is! Is he your book boyfriend yet? If not why? haven't read his story you say? well thats no excuse! 
Here are the links so you too can have Ollie in your hands...but back off because if he decides to runaway and try to forget Layla, I am the one he's running to GOT IT? 

Where to buy Bound Together:

Where to but Last Christmas:

Where to find Marie Coulson:

How to Obsessively stalk the guy your I'm Passionate about Ollie Green:

Where can you go to buy really cool stuff about the guy I am obsessed passionate about?

I hope you like the little corner I have set aside for Ollie, I might just have to put more men over on this side of my blog....doesn't look like Ollie will be running to me anytime soon *shrugging* at least there are plenty of Book Boyfriends to keep me occupied! Have a great one <3



I always knew I would have Griffin as one of my Book Boyfriends! Not many people are as open and understand his true animalistic ways, but for me that was the biggest appeal. Of course I love Kellen Kyle I am not dead! Griffin is just more, raw and I'm not sure if it's because of Kiera that maybe Kellan toned it down but whatever the case is I just love Griffin.

Okay, still not seeing my side of things? Why, you may ask would I want to have Griffin as a book boyfriend? Fine you all made me do this and just to warn you, if you fall for him ITS TOTALLY MY FAULT!!! Then you will want to do this to me:

Lets go through my list

1. He's a badass bassist for the D-bags with tattoos, blonde hair and has piercings....*fanning self*
"They made me condense it, the pussies. I wanted the full thing. State it loud, state it proud!"

How is that not hot??

2. I am one that likes guys who are a bit cruder than most. Never has bothered me when they speak in that raunchy way, (if they can pull it off right) and Griffin can definitely pull that off!

"My Johnson is gladly accepting all forms of praise...if anyone wants to congratulate me privately."

"you're so sweet, Keira. You're like an innocent schoolgirl. I just want to.....deflower you."
This is just funny and reminds me of something he would say!

He just makes me laugh. I never looked at Griffin as someone who was just being a straight a-hole. He seems funny and likes to make jokes.
"Come on. Something, anything I don't care...Just say something dirty"

3. Ok any guy that names their junk "The Hulk" and have a piercing there, is awesome in my book! 
"Dude, if she's peeking at another man's schlong, then that's between the two of you. The Hulk needs to breathe."

Another thing I found that I can totally see Griff saying!

See funny! Not at all a vile idiot jerk.

Well, I make no promises after spending time with Griff....uh..yeah you might end up pregnant LOL
"I have skills-you guys just don't know. I've had no complaints."
Hahaha if that isn't the truth I don't know what is ok..ok back to the list...

4. Besides the rockstar badass bassist that he is, he really has a sensitive side and I think this was what really sealed the deal for me....
"Griffin snapped his head up "What? you can't give away my kid?" He looked around the bar searching until he Kellan, watching from behind Matt and Evan. "She can't do that right, Kell? Don't I have a say?"
Seriously how hot is that? he gets a girl preggers and not only does he not run away from his responsibility he shows that he truly cares and wants his baby! THAT IS JUST SEXY! plus his penis' name is The HULK!!! Imagine that!

So in conclusion we have learned that Griffin is not only funny, HOT, has piercings in *licking lips* great places, but he is also a sensitive guy that is a badass bassist!
WAIT I forgot....He's raunchy like me so that is the topper! :)

Whew, now after all of that and you are still not convinced I seriously have no words for you! How can you not fall for a great guy like that? 

I want to thank S.C. Stephens for giving me 2 book boyfriends in 1 series! That rarely happens. 

Where can you get your hands on Griffin?
Thoughless Amazon
Effortless Amazon
B&N Thoughtless
B&N Effortless

Where to stalk...Uh find Griff

Thanks I hope you all can see how wonderful he is and will make him your new book boyfriend!!

Mason's Place

Welcome to Mason's Place
All things dedicated to Mason from Erin Noelle's Metamorphosis....

I think it is pretty safe to assume that I must have a thing for rockers. Lets look at the evidence shall we.....
First I have dedicated a corner to Ollie M Green or OMG as he says that what the ladies yell out

Second I have a spot on the blog set up for Griffin aka "The Hulk" and yet another rocker who makes me melt.

So now I am dedicating a place just for Mason *sigh* because I am seriously obsessed with him! 

Alrightyroo as per usual I always list why he makes a GREAT book boyfriend.

1. He is gorgeous I have so many different variations of him its not even funny so you can choose one to be your Mason

2. He is the lead singer of a band and plays guitar...

Holy crap its so hot in here! Do I actually need anymore to convince you after that??? 
Ok fine....

3. He has a lip piercing, and nipple piercings oh and did I mention tattoos! Yup, I have an obsession with men who have Tattoos are in a band or are the lead singers and have piercings!!! What do you want me to tell you? I never claimed once that I did not enjoy these things. When its all rolled up in a FUCKING HOT package (hehe) like this, I can not and will not resist. I can only be tempted so much! 

4. He drives a Harley! ok another requirement of a rocker boyfriend is this...well maybe not Griff doesn't but whateves my blog my exception to the rules.

Pretty badass if you ask me. I mean come on what woman wouldn't want a big, strong, fine man to be pressed between their thighs? 

5. He is adorable and so sweet...Look at just a few quotes that made me fall for him....
"Every so often in life, you randomly cross paths with someone that touches you in a way that you really cant explain, but somehow you know that you will never be the same again. A person that is unknowingly, so incredibly beautiful, both inside and out, that they truly take your breath away. Recently, I met someone exactly like that. As a matter of fact, Im still not convinced that she isnt an angel here to protect me from myself and the rest of you crazies."
"I dont just want to just fuck you, I want to make love to you.  Like I've never done with anyone else"
 "Dont you ever fly away again, Angel. I swear I'll have your wings clipped."

He calls her his Angel! How sweet is that? 
I have a special place for Mason in my heart. He is undeniably incredible. He loves Scarlett whole heartedly. I can not wait for their story to continue. I have a bad feeling that my awesomely astonishing rocker is going to be put through the ringer in Ambrosia but, Mason will always be my book boyfriend regardless because......

And a Sandie for every Mason!!!!!!

Thank you all once again for letting me rant and rave over my men in a place that I dedicate to them. It means a lot to me that you all come here to check them out.

I have added the links here to Mason's POV, Hidden Scene as well as the Metamorphosis Review.


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