Monday, July 4, 2016

June Wrap Part 1

In the month of June I read 11 books. I am so proud of myself. On top of this I have still been semi-writing, plotting and doing wife/mom duties. I decided to just do reviews for all books at the end of the month unless they are part of a blog tour and then those will obviously be posted on that day. Also I will be making a video of my wrap up which you can watch on my BookTube Channel. I will leave links to reviews already done.

Okay so I decided to do the rest of the reviews a bit at a time. These first two reviews are about the Billionaire books I read in June.

I went on Netgalley and I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I'm not a huge fan of Billionaire books because they are pretty much predictable. I read the synopsis and I thought to myself maybe I just need something foreseeable. This book quickly surprised me and yes I knew what was going to happen but the story was so well written it pulled me in rather quickly. 

Reese Crane is the son of the CEO/owner of Crane Hotels. He wants to be named CEO when his father retires but the board thinks otherwise, the reason being his man-whore ways. 

Merina Van Heusen's parents own a cute historic hotel, she loves the hotel and wants to keep it as authentic as possible. When she learns that her parents sold her beloved hotel to none other than Crane Hotels she is beyond pissed. Marching over to his hotel and into his office she lays into him. Reese who is uncaring and unfazed by her tantrum. Rather he is impressed with her smarts and gall to come to his hotel and rip him a new one! 

Reese has six months to convince the board that he should become CEO of Crane Hotels, after Merina leaves he comes up with a plan. He tells Merina if she marries him, keeps it a secret, makes the board believe it is real then he will give her, her beloved hotel free and clear. 

What I enjoyed was that these two characters were both confident, each knowing what they wanted and expected from this sham of a marriage. What neither of them counted on was the fact that they would care for one another the way they ended up doing. But once the six months are up what will happen? Will Merina be able to walk away from Reese? It was an emotional roller coaster with these two and I never knew which way was up. I loved the fact that even though it was predictable the characters made me love them so much that I was sad that the story ended.

My next Billionaire read was....
I wasn't sure what to expect with this billionaire book but I wanted to give it a chance since I was in the mood for billionaire books. 

This book follows Christina who has been in love with her brothers best friend Sebastian since they were in 5th grade. She has watched the bevy of women who have came and went all the while wishing he would ravage her body. After a passionate trist Sebastian finally fesses up telling her he does have feelings for her, she just can't believe it. What happens when you spend all your time into wanting someone you know will never want you? When the tables turn will Christina be able to except that Baz truly has feelings for her or will she run away thinking she is just another notch on his bedpost? 

I liked the premise on the story and was intrigued. I liked that Christina was not one of these rich women who expected an man to take care of her. She is a software mogul and makes her own money. But she has always loved Baz. Like most Billionaire books I have read the plot was the same he needs to get married or he won't get the family company. Why is this always a stipulation? I have no clue. 

I enjoyed the book for the most part and liked the characters. I knew what to expect and sometimes that is just what I need. 

This ends this portion of book reviews for the books I read in June. Stay tuned I have a few more to do and I will link the reviews of books I have already done below. 

EVERYTHING by Erin Noelle

UP IN FLAMES by Abbi Glines

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