Wednesday, April 27, 2016

He Love Me Not by Tierney Fowler Blog Tour

He Loves Me Not RDL Ban He Loves Me Not Synopsis:

 In the game of love, everyone roots for the underdog. You know, that girl-next-door type who wears glasses and has a shy smile and who falls for the most popular boy in school…she’s the hero of every story. And when the shy girl takes off her glasses and the quarterback kisses her and the crowd roars and the movie fades to black, people sit back and are satisfied.   

But what about the cheerleader? The one he dumps at the fifty-yard line and the one who runs off the field humiliated and sobbing? What about her feelings? What about her?   He Loves Me Not tells the story of what happens after the cheerleader is denied her fairy tale ending. 

Maggie's life was perfect--she had perfect friends, perfect parents, and a perfect boyfriend. But when she's abruptly dumped in front of the entire county by that perfect boyfriend, her life falls apart. With her clique, her friends, and her social standing obliterated, Maggie is resigned to a lonely, humiliating senior year of high school. least until she meets AJ Abbott, a musician who breaks every rule her mother ever taught her. He has no college degree. He wants to be a rockstar. He wears entirely too much black and leather.   But despite their differences, Maggie is slowly drawn into AJ's rock and roll lifestyle, and she'll be forced to choose which is more important--clinging to her nonexistent popularity or learning that maybe there's more to her than her beauty queen tiaras and cheerleader pom-poms.
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When I first started this book I was like what the hell am I reading? This is just a bunch of rich spoiled southern girls who throw out backhanded compliments and think its okay as long as they say "Bless her heart" after it. I was ready to say I can't even with this book. BUT then.... it morphed and I was enthralled into the story. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The popular girl gets dumped on her biggest night. Slowly she started losing her friends and while most of the time I would have been like HA! that is what she gets I didn't. I was upset and sad for Maggie. Why? Because the girl her boyfriend (Bobby) left her for for is a bigger bitch than she is. I was like, what the hell? Bobby made me mad because he essentially had no backbone.

Then enters AJ. Oh AJ. I love AJ. He really made Maggie open her eyes to the world around her. She slowly began to see the prejudices of her own as well as those around her. While yes she loves clothes, make-up and pageants she was staying true to herself in spite of her new friendship with AJ and his friend Nicole. I loved that. I love when a character can be themselves and not change that aspect of themselves while opening her mind and heart to the world and people (who are not like her) around her. AJ never pressured her for more he just wanted her to be happy.

Let's talk about the ending because UMMMMMM I need to know what happens next!! I don't want to give too much away but let me just say that the author did a great job with this book. Yes, I know at first I was complaining and it felt a bit slow but now I want to yell to everyone from the rooftops that they NEED to read this book.

Tierney Fowler Bio:
 The long lost Wakefield twin. Blair's head minion. The BSC party planner. The original Pink Ranger. Stephanie Tanner's BFF. In addition to crafting young adult and new adult novels, Tierney Fowler works as an IT consultant by day and a style blogger by night. She resides in Northern Virginia near four shopping malls, counts leopard as her favorite color, and once shot a reality TV show pilot...that never went anywhere. Links: Twitter: @tierneyfowler Instagram: @tierdear Snapchat: @tierdeer

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