Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beauty Hurts by Mariah Cole Cover Reveal


Title: Beauty Hurts
Author: Mariah Cole
 Publication Date: TBA
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Mr. Donovan ruined me for all others.

He owned every inch of my body, every ounce 

of my soul, and he always will...

I was sixteen, he was older, and we were 

supposed to last...

Of course, life didn't work out that way. 

Instead of sharing a life of bliss with him, I 

now live alone in a numb hell.

I fuck powerful men for money--I ruin them 

like he once ruined me. I use my beauty to 

my advantage, keeping it on display like my 

mother once taught me--knowing the true 

weight of its worth.

I don't apologize for my actions--the word 

"sorry" has never healed a thing, and I won't 

stop until I can feel something other than 


Because as you'll come to see, sometimes 

beauty wins, most times it gets me by, but it 

always hurts...

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